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My name is Sofia and I am 22 years old, I live in Toronto, ON. I love expressing myself through my jewelry, clothes and what I love to eat. I’m gluten free and vegetarian and love sharing my food journey. I love to work with small businesses to large businesses. My audience is young female and male adults and college students interested in fashion and healthy, and fun lifestyles.

Tyler Roberge

I’m just on tiktok to spread positivity, fun trends and show some of my acting skills. I love trying new things and try to be a general all around page that posts fun things.


Hi, I'm Yzobel.Empowering women through fashion, business, and self-development is why I co-founded IN. Communications Inc. My ultimate goal is to build generational wealth and abundance while teaching others to do the same. I use my platform to encourage women to feel confident through fashion, while touching on the topics of self-development, financial education, and business education.

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