Guyanese Influencers on Instagram


Danica Gim

I post art, affirmations and poetry for an audience that is 95% women between the ages of 18-34 with mainly an artistic and spiritual interest. I aim to uplift and inspire with my content and find it important to honor both women and sustainability in my collaborations.


I've recently graduated with an MSc in Neuroscience and have been blogging about my undergraduate and postgraduate study experience. I also write about minimalism, productivity and self-care, focusing on the importance of preserving mental health. I also love reviewing technology products that are relevant to my audience, as well as sharing about my experience navigating post graduate life!

Sara Kalmar

I inspire other students to move abroad and females to travel solo. I share study-tips and university hacks Tiktok as well as other entertaining content. I also share my life as a foreigner living in the Netherlands.

Yasmin Silva

I’m a make-up artist. I love to make fashion, lifestyle and make-up content on all my platforms. My audience is 53,3% woman and 46,7% man, aged between 13 and 34. Let’s work together!

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