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Diamond Godbolt

I am a creator based out of Florida and I post about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, natural hair, and my career as a medical speech pathologist on my social channels (tiktok, youtube, blog, and Instagram). I am very comfortable making original HD content for brands . I proudly produce creative, high quality, and modern content, if this is something that your brand can relate to, I would love to work together!BLOG:


Italian. Nostalgic. Dreamer.
⚘ self-portrait & photo
⚘ slow living | sustainability | vintage lover


Hi there! I’m Serena, an illustratore and freelance photographer. I’m a passionate about nature, books and antiquities. My style is calming with vintage vibes and the “slow living” is my idea of life style 🌿


Content creator per brand e ristoranti


Federica Veneri
Casal velino,Cilento

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