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Studies show that people usually avoid accounts and posts on Instagram with low number of followers and likes. So, if you want its whopping 1 billion users to notice your account, you need to have a head start. This can be achieved with more Instagram followers and likes. Remember, 80% of the Instagram users follow business accounts on Instagram! Also, Instagram has the highest interaction rate in social media, which will surely help in improving the popularity of your account!

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There are many ways to earn more through Instagram! Around 25 million Instagram users earn money through online selling. It is also easier for Instagram sellers to earn for there is a 70% chance that an Instagram user will buy! Instagram accounts with a large follower base and many likes, like celebrities and influencers, attract potential sponsors. The sponsors allow you to endorse or review their products through Instagram posts. If you cover a majority of their target market, there is a high chance for you to be chosen.

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