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I'm Liv, a content creator from New Zealand! I create TikTok and Instagram content and have done more than 40 brand collaborations in 2021-2022. I have great engagement, with over 200k followers and 30+ videos with over 100k views on TikTok. I have a mostly female audience of 90% from (in order) the US, UK, Philippines, Australia, and Canada, and create content focused on students, studying, high school, university, lifestyle and stationery.

Phoebe Harris

I am a swimmer from Auckland, New Zealand. I would love to get into more social media influencing and work with great companies.I have great engagement on my posts and have a high reach on majority. Two of my posts have reached over one million people.My followers are majority male and my top following countries are United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Germany.Would love to work with companies that fit well on my page.

Shekinah Glory

I am a university student creating studygram contents such as study reels and photos of my desk

Simon Wallace-Blakely

Hi,my name is Simon!I make unique drone videos using custom drones which I build. Most of my videos involve showing off the stunning scenery in New Zealand from a different perspective. My audience are tech, film, nature enthusiasts as well as the general public as my content typically appeals to a large demographic.My content is excellent for promoting songs and I am open to collaborating with clients to create original viral content using my creation skills.

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