Australian Influencers on Instagram


Abigail Palmer

I’m a creative and artist person who post mainly on TikTok and Instagram. I create simple, fun and satisfying art videos to watch and also do the occasional art challenge. My audience a consists of mainly young women, and 40% of my following are American. I also have a high following with British and Australians.

Ally Sheehan

Sunshine in human form here! I'm a vegan travel creator from Melbourne Australia. I love taking road trips, chasing the warmth, finding awesome thrift stores and sharing life tips with my followers.


Growing up in the fashion and beauty industry has been my thing, I love interacting with my audience promoting brands I love . My strengths include being creating and engaging to my audience, I can create such staple pieces out of the most basic which everyone loves ! I’m all about editing my content in a way to make it so aesthetic and elegant to engage more with my followers.

Caitlyn Leggett

My name is Caitlyn and I am a travel & lifestyle content creator. I create fun, aesthetic and engaging content for brands and share them with my travel obsessed audience. My followers are mostly young females and come from Australia, the USA, UK and Europe. I really pride myself on my photography and social media skills and have a dedicated & engaged audience who trust me and my recommendations.


Creating relaxed and coastal interiors. Photoshoot location Sydney.Product styling and content creation, allow me to create aesthetically pleasing imagery for your business that reflect your products.I can style and shoot your products in our location settings in a modern coastal theme, coastal Boho, Hamptons, tropical and more. Styling and photography of your products alongside complimentary products.

Codie Zofia

A creative powerhouse! I'm a fashion content creator and product photographer from Brisbane, Australia. I love showcasing my outfits, spending days by the beach, pushing myself creatively to create the very best photos and sharing my life and business tips with my followers.I specialise in beauty, skincare and lifestyle product photography. Seeing me work with the best national and international brands within these industries.

Heli Vyas

Hi ! We are Heli and Leen, we are sisters and Melbourne-based influencers. We run a IG page called Melbaycorner. We love fashion, styling and skincare. We are really passionate about creating high quality, relatable, and engaging content for my highly active Instagram audience. We are drawn to sophisticated, minimal and luxe style. Fashion posts and reels are quite loved on our page.Our page has 77 % of women and 33% of males. With our top locations being : Australia, US, UK and India. We are an experienced photo and video editor and have often used my skills to create enticing and creative content that creates value for my audience. We can provide our media kit for your reference.

Jake Jackson

I create fitness or lifestyle content for Instagram. I’ve worked with brands previously ranging from clothing, food, supplements, equipment, teeth straightening and more.

Josie Mascaro

Melbourne Influencer I create fashion, fitness and beauty content

Kyle Bouskill

I like to post relatable funny content and modeling content. As for my audience, I have a strong female following mostly between the ages of 15-26. I often a find that the best way to market myself to this audience is through fashion and fitness related Instagram content and relatable humor on TikTok.

Kylie Ngo

I am a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in Sydney, Australia. I post minimal and classy outfits and also create lifestyle reels that have a guaranteed reach of 10-600k views!

Lulu Laureen

I'm a Makeup Artist who has a passion for creating Instagram Reels & TikToks. I love the world of social media and am constantly keeping up with the current trends, transitions, audios & more! My content ranges from makeup, to fashion, to beauty & comedy. I keep my social media true and am authentically me!

Maria Rekowski

I like to inspire and amaze. I believe in confidence through a strong, powerful body incorporated with fashion. I like to train in fitness just as much as I like to stay social.


I am 21 years old and make fashion and beauty content. My content is centred on authentic promotion for beauty products and fashion. My Instagram posts are particularly focused on swim wear and fashion and my reels are focused on beauty products and fashion hauls/try ons. My Instagram has experienced extreme growth and reach in the past month, with the target audience being women 18-25 years old.

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