Canadian Pets Influencers on Instagram


Adrianna Conder

My name is Adrianna Conder and I am an undergraduate student with a passion for social media! My niche is student lifestyle with an emphasis on fashion and beauty, however I always like to incorporate some health and wellness aspects as well as I was an athlete growing up! My target audience fits the 18-24year old group, and I have a majority of my following in North America and Europe!

Butters & Cheese

Butters and Cheese are two brothers living in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada with their Dad, Max. We post funny cat content, cat lifestyle content, beautiful cat photography and cat education content. We have an extraordinary engagement rate of 45%, our audience is 70% female with 55% based in the US & Canada. We offer a variety of services to promote your brand and products to our highly-engaged and loyal following.Contact us today to see what we can do to help your brand!


Cooper is a three-year old labrador. We currently have over 19K on TikTok and over 1K on Instagram. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Frankie Cena

Frankie Cena is a proud LGBTQ+ TV Host, Personality, and Entrepreneur. He has appeared on Netflix's "Sing On!" and was the host of Miss World. He considers himself a fitness junkie, a dog dad of his Frenchie, Boo, and loving partner for his boyfriend, Dan.

Jayme Butler

I am a modern day pet influencer who enjoys making content with my animals and showcasing brands and products we love! Our TikTok currently sits at 63K followers (5cats_1doggo) and Instagram at 1.6K (remingtons.adventures_) with great engagement across both platforms.

Mahak Jyot

Hi, My name is Mahak and I am from Toronto. I am active on social media especially on Instagram creating content related to fashion, beauty and Lifestyle.


Kaia is a corgi that adventures across Canada and the United States. Based out of the Rocky Mountains, we hike, kayak, camp, backpack, and spend lots of time creating happy memories together. We both work to diversify the outdoors, as she is not the traditional idea of a hiking dog and I rarely ever see myself featured with outdoor brands and stores. We've worked with brands such as Tentree, Kurgo, Findster, and more!

North Nomads

We are a gay bi-national couple originally from NYC and Canada. We love discovering new products and falling in love with brands we believe in. Our approach to our feed is mostly outdoor activities, traveling, new restaurant and places to visit.

Sarah Ensell

My name is Sarah, and I run the account Our Instagram is a pink & fashion lovers paradise, we love to take pictures and videos to showcase products that we love. I personally love to feature myself on her page where we do twinning posts together. I am looking to branch outside of just the pet industry with our collaborations.

Shuba The Siberian

Shuba the Siberian is a Silver Classic Siberian young cat with a love for fish, playtime and chin rubs. She is based in Toronto, Canada. We post funny cat-parent-related content, cat lifestyle content, beautiful cat photography and cat facts. Our audience is almost 80% female, US & Canada based. We offer Tiktok videos and Instagram posts/Stories/Reels utilizing your brand or product into the concept. We often take a humour approach to our content, and we’re always experimenting with new trends.

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