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Christina Tran

I have a passion for studying and creating content that is visually pleasing. My content is informative, motivational and realistic. I showcase my study habits, life and wellness tips. My followers are my community and my content brings a personal touch.


Hello :) I'm a fitness, health & wellness content educator & entertainer! I consistently post workout videos on YouTube, some of which have gotten more than 3M views! I EMPOWER women get healthy and confident through fitness and nutrition. I post content such as tips, recipes, inspiration pictures, lifestyle and very engaging reels to teach people how to take OWNERSHIP of their life! Let's work together :)

Iftekhar Ali

I do Interesting Educational Videos and some Skits as well! Once we work together, I will create content with my unique touch of Top videos so it blends in well! I touch in almost every niche! I like to add value to my clients and will make sure it is done well! Looking forward to do business together.

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