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Ali Sánchez

Hi! I'm Ali and I was born in Madrid in 1999. I studied advertising and pr and I really love everything allied to art and creativity. Sometimes I work as a model.

Ally Sheehan

Sunshine in human form here! I'm a vegan travel creator from Melbourne Australia. I love taking road trips, chasing the warmth, finding awesome thrift stores and sharing life tips with my followers.

Angela Kim

Looking to collab? I started my cooking channel at the beginning of 2021 and have grown a TikTok following of 200K+ and more than 10K+ on Instagram. My audience leans 18-34, and is mostly from North America, South America and Europe. I love cooking all types of plant-based meals and making special drinks. I’ve done collaborations with From the reserve(4.5M view), Misaky, Hmart, and others.

Angela Pickett

I'm a plant-based recipe developer and food photographer. I love sharing vibrant photos of my creations, and discovering new products?kitchen appliances to use and share with my followers. I offer instagram posts on my account, as well specialized brand recipe development and product photography. I am based in NYC and love to find ways to share my favorite locally made products, and restaurant/bar recommendations.

Ash Carrillo

Hi there!Im Ash and I'm currently washed up on the shore of Venice Beach California. I spend my days creating art, skating, and cooking yummy vegan foods. I primarily create social media content for Sustainable Fashion while working full time as an Actress / Model

Bethany Moore

I'm tattooed head to toe in Japanese art. I show this off with different fashion clothing! I also ride a blacked out Harley Davidson and am into health and fitness. I've been vegan for 6 years now and excerice every day!

Cerys Phillips

I post daily vegan/ plant based food and meals on instagram, my followers enjoy takeaway and restaurant meals the best but I also post homecooked meals and snacks

Chiara Marie

Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Influencer and Full time Model

Cynthia Valdovinos

I am proud Mexican American fashion model . I love creating relatable fashion photos/ videos / stories on set of a photoshoot or daily life . As well as vegan health & lifestyle content including my skincare and health routines.

Eleanor Hawthorne

I create content celebrating the female body. Championing that recognising your own beauty and worth is everything. I want people to feel free to love themselves and to show their sexuality, in any way they want. My passions are acting, modeling, vegan, beauty, skincare, music and fashion.


Hi there! I’m Serena, an illustratore and freelance photographer. I’m a passionate about nature, books and antiquities. My style is calming with vintage vibes and the “slow living” is my idea of life style 🌿


I am a photographer who posts photography related content, lifestyle, travelling, adventure. What I also tend to talk about on my instagram is vegnism and sustainability.

Guilherme Lima | VEGGUI

Guilherme Lima | VEGGUI


A woman who loves cars, she was series host of Garage Squad on Discovery, Street Tuner Challenge on Speed TV & has appeared in 100+ commercials & campaigns worldwide. In addition to TV & films Nightingale, Epic Movie, No Bad Days, & Tosh.0, Heather is the EP & host of the YT travel series, Drive Yourself Local, where she explores America in her 1965 Ford Mustang. A Sommelier and home chef, she is a content creator for travel/food/beverage brands & shares her stories on her blog, On The Road.

Heli Vyas

Hi ! We are Heli and Leen, we are sisters and Melbourne-based influencers. We run a IG page called Melbaycorner. We love fashion, styling and skincare. We are really passionate about creating high quality, relatable, and engaging content for my highly active Instagram audience. We are drawn to sophisticated, minimal and luxe style. Fashion posts and reels are quite loved on our page.Our page has 77 % of women and 33% of males. With our top locations being : Australia, US, UK and India. We are an experienced photo and video editor and have often used my skills to create enticing and creative content that creates value for my audience. We can provide our media kit for your reference.

Josie Mascaro

Melbourne Influencer I create fashion, fitness and beauty content


My name is Kerria and I am passionate about everything alternative fashion and beauty. I share styling tips, outfit ideas and talk about current fashion trends. I talk about thrifting and thrifting tips, along with the occasional beauty tutorial or routine, but I share about my hair care too as it's pretty noticable aside from my outfits usually.

Laura Sandner

I'm a vegan student from Berlin and I share recipes for fellow vegans or vegan-interested people. Thereby, I focus on affordability and nutritional balance. Furthermore, I share vegan product recommendations and restaurant recommendations! My goal is to show how easy it is to implement a plantbased lifestyle to as many people as possible.

Lindsay Robeson

We are a plant based family of 4. Passion for all vegan food and photography.

Natasha Rusilko

I am a body positive yoga teacher and personal trainer, self love coach, health and wellness guru, and witch. I focus on body acceptance, health at every size, magic, movement, mindful eating, and yoga.

Phoebe Harris

I am a swimmer from Auckland, New Zealand. I would love to get into more social media influencing and work with great companies.I have great engagement on my posts and have a high reach on majority. Two of my posts have reached over one million people.My followers are majority male and my top following countries are United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Germany.Would love to work with companies that fit well on my page.

Quincy Barker

Hey, it's me Quincy B! I have always had a sweet tooth, but there is one major problem; dairy hates me!As I continued baking to satisfy my many sweet teeth, I found myself using healthier, cleaner ingredients that not only satisfied my craving, but also provided many health benefits such as omega 3's, fibre, healthy fats and lower sugar content by using natural sweeteners. Baking dairy-free not only could be just as tasty, but had other health benefits too!

Rosslyn Sinclair

I am passionate about creating high-quality imagery that tells a story. I love working alongside like-minded brands to tell their stories through food photography.

Ruru Hogan

I am a student who is working toward building a community of people who value introducing habits that lead to them being the happiest version of themselves. I preach a holistic view of wellness that encourages people to enjoy all facets of life. My page showcases the foods i eat, the places i shop, and the activities i get up to.


I am a small business owner and content creator on tik tok and Instagram I post modeling content and food / travel


My name is Scarlett wilson, also known as scarlett v fit on TikTok, instagram and youtube. On my platforms I create health and fitness content from workouts, fitness modelling, food, to educational content, inspirational and funny content with the aim to motivate and inspire people to become their most fit, healthy and best selves. I am also a soon to be personal trainer, building my personal brand online and attracting a niche audience, having built strong relationships, rapport + engagement.


My name is Sofia and I am 22 years old, I live in Toronto, ON. I love expressing myself through my jewelry, clothes and what I love to eat. I’m gluten free and vegetarian and love sharing my food journey. I love to work with small businesses to large businesses. My audience is young female and male adults and college students interested in fashion and healthy, and fun lifestyles.


I am Sophie Videtto a latina middle-aged blogger who loves to share about embracing age gracefully, enjoying every moment, and stage in life. I enjoy posting on Instagram and sharing great products with my followers honestly. I am vegan, minimalist, and optimistic. I started blogging in October 2017 just for fun and then it evolved to be a real job, taking this journey very seriously. I enjoy every minute of it! My audience are women all ages, moms, gradmas.

Tally Brattle

I live down south and regularly travel to London, Manchester & Liverpool for work. Some of the brands I currently have worked with is Calvin Klein, New Look & Lounge. Would love to discuss any opportunities you think you would like to work on with me 😁

Tatyana Figueiredo

Hi! I am an actress from Brazil, content creator, vegan and eco friendly, with a passion for cooking and travel. I love to share positivity and inspire people. I really enjoy photography and product photo shoots. Most of my content comes from taking a positive and fun approach, and I'm always experimenting with new styles! I would love to work with anyone that aligns with my brand, if you think we'd be a great fit please reach out!

Tyler Roberge

I’m just on tiktok to spread positivity, fun trends and show some of my acting skills. I love trying new things and try to be a general all around page that posts fun things.

Vd. Matheus Macêdo 🌿 Ayurveda

Vd. Matheus Macêdo 🌿 Ayurveda

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