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I'm a tiktok and instagram content creator that focuses on cosplay and the skills it involves. I explore characters from comics, to anime, to tv, to film, and love exploring creative ways to bring them to life. I predominantly do this by utilising makeup, props, and costume, as well as playing with different ways of acting to a variety of audios.

Anna Merabishvili

I am a blogger based in London. I enjoy showcasing beautiful and unique destinations around the world as well as in London. The majority of my audience are travel enthusiasts who come to my page to see travel tips, things to do in London and where to travel.

Austin Martin

I'm an American living in the UK who teaches a holistic approach to health and fitness. I have 245k followers with average likes 10,000-20,000, made up of a 90% male audience. I will create and post stories or full feed posts to promote the product and can do any style you prefer (video posts, talking about the product, swipe up stories, reels, IGTV...etc).

Beck Johnson

I make recipes to post daily on instagram, using a variety of brands products. I also post short reels which tend to reach quite a large amount of people. I have just started tiktok too, making asmr videos of recipe processes.

Bethany Moore

I'm tattooed head to toe in Japanese art. I show this off with different fashion clothing! I also ride a blacked out Harley Davidson and am into health and fitness. I've been vegan for 6 years now and excerice every day!

Cerys Phillips

I post daily vegan/ plant based food and meals on instagram, my followers enjoy takeaway and restaurant meals the best but I also post homecooked meals and snacks

Christian Suen

Currently a university student at Cambridge university, with an audience that reaches the US, UK, South East Asian Countries, and Brazil. The age group is predominantly teens and young adults. I have quite a few media mentions from various newspapers for my academic achievements. I am diligent and communicative and will strive to ensure that your vision is realised. My instagram is more serious with a curated feed, whilst my tiktok is much more down-to-earth and casual.

Conor O'Donnell

I am a content creator focusing primarily on motorbikes and moto gear/apparel. I have recently started to branch out to new areas, such as automotive and high-end menswear/accessories.The majority of my audience is from the UK and USA, are male and fall between the 25-34 age category. I would be happy to share a more detailed breakdown if you need it.

Daisy Woods

I’m all about positive, helpful motherhood and mostly post tips, advice, routines and recipes with my 2 & 4 year olds as well as daily vlog style clips. People like following me because I show the real and honest side of motherhood they can relate to.

Daniela Patricia Guedes Leitao

Hi there! I'm Dani, a Portuguese Travel Blogger and Vlogger based in London. I create complete guides about each location as I love exploring hidden gems and not only the popular spots on each destination. I am passionate about photography and adventure! You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and on my blog! :)

Eleanor Hawthorne

I create content celebrating the female body. Championing that recognising your own beauty and worth is everything. I want people to feel free to love themselves and to show their sexuality, in any way they want. My passions are acting, modeling, vegan, beauty, skincare, music and fashion.

Ellie Matthews

I'm a very well-travelled individual that loves fashion, beauty and is a massive FOODIE! I have been in the social media industry for over 5 years and know a lot about algorithms and about how to engage followers. I am based in Bedfordshire and London, I live in Bedfordshire but I commute to London for other reasons. I also am able to get to any location, no boundaries!have a YouTube channel that has nearly 2K subscribers, a TikTok with nearly 31K followers and an Instagram page with 3.7K followers. One of my favourite things to do is to find new places to go, that could be restaurants or activities.I have quite a specific audience of the LGBTQ+ community with mixed genders, however I also have a broader audience as well. The general age range for my audiences is between 25-30.

Gavin Balat

I dance on tiktok make skits have an Instagram where I post my fits only started to blow late 2021 around November

Giada Zosi

I mainly focus on lifestyle content, specifically fashion and travel. I am a photographer and digital artist and creativity is my strength. I also am a food photographer and recipe developer.

Holly Walsh

I am a student midwife, breakfast lover, runner & digital content creator who is passionate about healthy living.I have a wide audience across a range of ages, with interests in healthy eating, food freedom, fitness & healthy living.

Horia Opris

I post outfit ideas, workout tips, travel videos and photos.

Jana Veselova

I am an interior designer, decorator, interior influencer. My content is about interior design, home decor ideas, renovations, home interior brand suggestions, interior design tutorials.

Jayshaun Alleyne

My names Jay, i’m a 20 year old dancer from the UK. I create and post dance videos consistently. I aim to entertain and inspire.


I have a fan account with 38000 followers

Jess Steves

Hi, I'm Jess, a 19 year old college student athlete at University of Western Ontario. I love making lifestyle and fashion content on instagram and a wide range of day-to-day life videos on tiktok. Social media has become a recent passion of mine and I'm so excited to work on growing my accounts and improving my content! I currently have a 12% engagement rate on instagram and 9.1% on tiktok.

Jonathan Pearce

Award winning automotive photographer base near London. Have worked with clients such as Porsche, Toyota, Maserati and Triumph Bikes

Jordan Green

I am a entrepreneurial & personal finance content creator. My passion for business has lead me to create videos to help people with their journey in entrepreneurship. My business is a fashion sneaker business so I also create a lot of content around sneakers & fashion.

Katrina Wesencraft

I'm a final-year PhD student working in a physics lab. I create authentic STEM content for my own Instagram account and for clients including NASA. My content accurately targets young women scientists and graduate students in the UK and US.

Lottie Walker

Hi, my name is Lottie! I mainly create cute/girly themed content to do with cosplay, makeup and fashion! I'm a very bubbly and energetic person and would love to work with you!

Lui Mancini

I’m Lui Mancini fitness content creator/competitor/model

Lujain Kelani

My name is Lujain. I love music, art, photography, graphics, fashion and architecture. I love to find the beauty in things and share beautiful moments from my life. I love to create all forms of content. I have an eye for beautiful things and love to share with my community. My community mainly consists of a younger generation located mainly in the UK and the middle east. I have worked with many brands and have reached views of 2 million + on a single video.

Patricia Rodi

Patricia Rodi creator, interior stylist & influencer focusing on restoration, sustainability & creating beautiful spaces to live in. I share pictures and tips on my slow approach to living, DIY projects, house restoration, travel and food. I focus on how to create spaces (DIYstyle) inspired by my multicultural background and childhood memories of Italian tiles, French antiques and Scandinavian modernism - all of which brings a unique feature to the PatriciaRodi brand. Targeted audience is women between 25-39, and my location stats are: Sweden (26.1%); UK (20.2%); Norway (8.4%); US (8.2%). I also blog on one of Sweden’s biggest lifestyles blogs where she shares tips on home styling, antique finds, places to travel and a slow approach to life.

Quita The Kitty

Mixed tabby cat based in London, England who meets celebrities and has travelled around Europe. Has been pet by Prince Charles.

Robyn Baillie

Hi, I’m Robyn or @rsbee_ I’m a model & content creator based in Scotland, UK. I share high quality fashion/lifestyle content & am dedicated to spreading a message of self acceptance! I have an engagement rate of 12% and average 79k monthly impressions. I’ve worked with brands such as Net-A-Porter, Revolve, NA-KD, Amazon & many more!

Sanam Khan

A resident of Kensington & Chelsea, foreveradmiring charming facades around myneighborhood..and beyond.Love photographing beautiful interiors, bits ofbuildings, travel snippits, foods I enjoy- andeverything else in between!


My name is Scarlett wilson, also known as scarlett v fit on TikTok, instagram and youtube. On my platforms I create health and fitness content from workouts, fitness modelling, food, to educational content, inspirational and funny content with the aim to motivate and inspire people to become their most fit, healthy and best selves. I am also a soon to be personal trainer, building my personal brand online and attracting a niche audience, having built strong relationships, rapport + engagement.


I'm an alternative fashion blogger interested in music, video games, anime and travelling. With my content I share my interests which helps to connect with my followers and build a community. My main audience is very specific and has similar hobbies as me which makes them relate to the content I'm producing while I also bring some value.

Tea Matus

I create aesthetic content within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle niches focusing on promoting a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle. I capture life through an aesthetic lens, creating highly saveable posts serving as an inspiration to my audience. My audience falls within the aesthetic content niche, with predominately 85% of women between the ages of 18-35.

Tom Powell

I'm a student at Cambridge University with over 300k followers on TikTok and 14k on Instagram. My audience is mostly based in the US/UK, with further reach in South America/Asia, and my work largely focuses on fashion/lifestyle content. In the past, I've collaborated with large advertisers such as Amazon Prime Video, and I'm a cooperative and communicative creator willing to work on a wide range of projects. Please do get in touch!


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