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Aaron Vankampen

Aaron Vankampen brazenly walks up to luxury homes, knocks on their doors and asks the question we all wonder "What do you do for a living?". This wildly viral TikTok concept has now expanded into a longer conversation with these luxury home owners with Aaron's "Mansion Tour and Interview' series on his YouTube channel.

Adrianna Conder

My name is Adrianna Conder and I am an undergraduate student with a passion for social media! My niche is student lifestyle with an emphasis on fashion and beauty, however I always like to incorporate some health and wellness aspects as well as I was an athlete growing up! My target audience fits the 18-24year old group, and I have a majority of my following in North America and Europe!

Alexandra Dunlap

Hey, my name is Alex and I am a social media marketer based in Vancouver. I create content for brands such as The Flying Pig, and Wagwear. I have a deep passion for travelling and creating imagery and my work ranges from Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle.

Amanda Esmailian

Hey! I’m Amanda and I love making (and eating) macro-friendly recipes. I created fitfood_ae so I could: -Share my high protein, lower calorie recipes to help others reach their fitness goals without sacrificing their favourite foods -Provide nutritional guidance to help others reach their fitness goals (ie weight loss, weight gain, reverse diet) -Educate people on reverse dieting to help them break the cycle of being in a constant calorie deficit and feeling the need to binge I'm 26 years old and have been living in Toronto, Ontario for 4 years. I've been vegetarian for 6.5 years. I work in software sales as an Account Executive and work on fitfood_ae in my spare time.Qualifications: NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer (in progress), Bachelor of Business Admin

Butters & Cheese

Butters and Cheese are two brothers living in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada with their Dad, Max. We post funny cat content, cat lifestyle content, beautiful cat photography and cat education content. We have an extraordinary engagement rate of 45%, our audience is 70% female with 55% based in the US & Canada. We offer a variety of services to promote your brand and products to our highly-engaged and loyal following.Contact us today to see what we can do to help your brand!

Caitlyn West

Hi! I'm a Beauty enthusiast who's also a mother of 2 boys in which I'm a content creator, I really enjoy showing off simple makeup looks for the busy female and Mother, while also showing day to day products that help me get by!I would love to work with anyone that aligns with my brand, if you think we'd be a good fit please reach out.


I am a Halifax based content creator who predominantly posts lifestyle content and brand collaborations on her Instagram and more personal & trendy style content on TikTok. My audience is in the young adult category, usually Canadian or American, with predominantly female and some male audience. I also post as a member and advocate for LGBTQ, as well as rights activism and mental health advocate. In my packages I offer content and marketing promo.

Chris Yamez

Hey there! My name is Chris Yamez, I'm an Actor/Model, Musician, and Content creator! My platform focuses on mental health awareness, Men & Women's Health, Fashion, as well as an emphasis on Overall Creativeness. I have been Acting and Modeling for over 8 years and creating music for just as long, making mostly R&B Vibes!I've made it a point to build a community of Supporters who Strengthen one another and do my best to pass along nothing but the BEST VIBES!

Christina Tran

I have a passion for studying and creating content that is visually pleasing. My content is informative, motivational and realistic. I showcase my study habits, life and wellness tips. My followers are my community and my content brings a personal touch.


Cooper is a three-year old labrador. We currently have over 19K on TikTok and over 1K on Instagram. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hello :) I'm a fitness, health & wellness content educator & entertainer! I consistently post workout videos on YouTube, some of which have gotten more than 3M views! I EMPOWER women get healthy and confident through fitness and nutrition. I post content such as tips, recipes, inspiration pictures, lifestyle and very engaging reels to teach people how to take OWNERSHIP of their life! Let's work together :)

Diana To

Hi, I’m Diana! I am a lifestyle content creator from Toronto sharing my hobbies and my journey into motherhood.

Fahim Khan

My name is Fahim Khan and I specialize in creating Halal Food content for restaurants and businesses in the GTA! Majority of my followers fall between the age of 25-34 in Mississauga/Toronto/Brampton! Majority followers are those who are looking for Halal food, but I also have some mix of vegetarians as I do post Vegetarian food if no Halal options are available!

Frankie Cena

Frankie Cena is a proud LGBTQ+ TV Host, Personality, and Entrepreneur. He has appeared on Netflix's "Sing On!" and was the host of Miss World. He considers himself a fitness junkie, a dog dad of his Frenchie, Boo, and loving partner for his boyfriend, Dan.


Frontend developer. I try to make the World little bit better

Holly Song

I love exploring new spots to eat around Toronto and the GTA. Whether is a brunch place, a café, a restaurant, a bubble tea place. I love it all! My audience is mostly from Toronto and are also foodies like me :)

Iftekhar Ali

I do Interesting Educational Videos and some Skits as well! Once we work together, I will create content with my unique touch of Top videos so it blends in well! I touch in almost every niche! I like to add value to my clients and will make sure it is done well! Looking forward to do business together.

Ines Mrb

Highly energetic, free spirited and always smiling! My content promotes fitness, spirituality & holistic health and nutrition. In addition, I’m also a great singer and dancer! My audience are people who love taking care of themselves and always choose to learn and grow. I like my posts to inspire people to be confident and teach them the right path. I make educational and inspirational content. I’m also photogenic and look good in clothing. On the side: I love style and fashion. And fun fact, my hair is extremely long!!


I’m a Professional Fitness Athlete. I work hard to create beauty in everything: perfect body shape, clean skin, shiny hair, clear mind, healthy nutrition and lifestyle. And teach others to do so.People say my IG content is mesmerizing and you can be stuck there for a while scrolling the page and watching a highlight Story.

Jasmine Attara

My name is Jasmine and I am a fashion blogger from Montreal QC! I share different outfits, new beauty products, home decor and lifestyle content. My audience is 70.4% female and 29.5% male, with a focus on women ages 25-35. My engagement rate is 13.23%. like to share aesthetic content and real time posts and have a very engaged audience at only 1317 followers. I am confident that I will keep growing and creating eye catching content for your brand.

Jayme Butler

I am a modern day pet influencer who enjoys making content with my animals and showcasing brands and products we love! Our TikTok currently sits at 63K followers (5cats_1doggo) and Instagram at 1.6K (remingtons.adventures_) with great engagement across both platforms.

Jillian Mamuad

Hi! I'm Jillian, a motherhood & lifestyle content creator from Vancouver, BC.


I enjoy trying new things and sharing my experiences on my platform via fun photos and videos! I focus mainly on food, health, and lifestyle.

Joanna Yung

Hi there, I'm Joanna. I am a travel content creator, entrepreneur and digital nomad. I am passionate about creating content for brands through promoting the idea of living the life of your dreams! I enjoy sharing new travel destinations, travel-related products and other digital nomad content with my followers. I've collaborated with many brands to create fun and engaging content. I like to ensure that all of my content is authentic, uplifting, and leaves people feeling better. Happy to collab!


i create content pertaining to lifestyle, beauty, wellness & fertility💕 i try to spread awareness about endometriosis & infertility.

Kamille Dee

Hi! My name is Kamille, a fashion enthusiast and vegan in Vancouver, BC. I post about clothes and styling, skin care, and anything aesthetic.


I am a Canadian microinfluencer that posts on both Instagram and TikTok. My TikTok account is primarily dedicated to fashion and beauty products, including unboxings, hauls, product recommendations and more. 91.8% of my followers are female. My engagement rate on Instagram is over 30%. 59.5% of my followers are women and are between the ages of 18-34.

Katy Ho

My name is Katy and I'm a Vancouver-based writer and content creator who is passionate about slow fashion, sustainability, and social justice. I'm on a mission to empower others to make conscious everyday choices that will lead to a more ethical and sustainable future, and my work reaches socially and environmentally conscious women who are committed to making a difference in the world.

Kim Sievers

Hi! I’m Kim Sievers. Mama blogger of 2. I love to share all things fashion, family, beauty, home and anything else lifestyle related

Kimia Aryanpour

Hey im Kim! I'm a cafe lover, coffee connoisseur & fashion enthusiast on a mission to travel and find the best cafes in the world. I love creating content, doing photoshoots and creating product shoots. I also believe in sharing authentic lifestyle content and sharing products that I love. My audience consists of mostly Gen Z and millennials but my content is suitable for and enjoyed by all!

Lucy Li

Foodie Instagrammer with high engagement, love to explore local restaurants and brands. As an enthusiastic baker, home-cafe lover, mother with two toddlers, and a certified youth nutrition specialist, I am passionate about reviews for brands - from ingredients, product review, to restaurant menu selections.More info can be found on my website:

Mahak Jyot

Hi, My name is Mahak and I am from Toronto. I am active on social media especially on Instagram creating content related to fashion, beauty and Lifestyle.

Marcos Oliveira

I create aviation content, either video or photographs, from taking pictures at airports & museums to reviewing airline and airport experiences. My content would be mostly focused on aviation enthusiasts & quality assurances as well as travelerscheers


Through my music I have garnered over 4 million plays across all streaming platforms & have gained high media coverage from popular outlets in both Canada & the US. Previous brands that I have partnered with have been those in the beauty community, tech community and those centred around social causes. I am very open to sharing creative products and initiatives that help improve my life and the lives of others. I have a mixture of female and male audiences with consistent engagement.

Mia Enriquez

Promote your products on my aesthetic fashion & lifestyle Instagram with highly engaged followers. My Instagram features everyday photos of what I wear, use and do on a daily basis. I love to be completely authentic with my audience at all times.


I'm a fashion & lifestyle blogger focusing on making everyday life beautiful on a budget. I share affordable fashion finds, casual outfits, beauty products, and home decor.


Kaia is a corgi that adventures across Canada and the United States. Based out of the Rocky Mountains, we hike, kayak, camp, backpack, and spend lots of time creating happy memories together. We both work to diversify the outdoors, as she is not the traditional idea of a hiking dog and I rarely ever see myself featured with outdoor brands and stores. We've worked with brands such as Tentree, Kurgo, Findster, and more!

North Nomads

We are a gay bi-national couple originally from NYC and Canada. We love discovering new products and falling in love with brands we believe in. Our approach to our feed is mostly outdoor activities, traveling, new restaurant and places to visit.

Quincy Barker

Hey, it's me Quincy B! I have always had a sweet tooth, but there is one major problem; dairy hates me!As I continued baking to satisfy my many sweet teeth, I found myself using healthier, cleaner ingredients that not only satisfied my craving, but also provided many health benefits such as omega 3's, fibre, healthy fats and lower sugar content by using natural sweeteners. Baking dairy-free not only could be just as tasty, but had other health benefits too!

Rosie Siltani

Rosie here ✌🏼 I'm a model and content creator. I specialize in creating video content for brands and their products. With my extensive background in videography & creative direction, I ensure that every product I get my hands on looks exciting through the screen. Sharing my product experience with my followers is something I genuinely enjoy. If you choose to work with me, my guarantee at the very minimum is that you will receive engaging high quality content and exciting material that will have people raving over your product/service.

Rosslyn Sinclair

I am passionate about creating high-quality imagery that tells a story. I love working alongside like-minded brands to tell their stories through food photography.

Ruru Hogan

I am a student who is working toward building a community of people who value introducing habits that lead to them being the happiest version of themselves. I preach a holistic view of wellness that encourages people to enjoy all facets of life. My page showcases the foods i eat, the places i shop, and the activities i get up to.

Ruth Far

I’m Ruth and my target audience are young teenagers and youths. I am a fashion and lifestyle influencer and my personality is what I like to push forward in my brand

Samantha Lorette

I am very passionate about sharing about my motherhood journey with other fellow moms! Our family loves outdoor adventures and trying new places to eat and get treats.We love to tackle small home projects and how you can make a rental home your own will simple touches!


Hi! My name is Sarah, I’m a digital creator documenting the makeover of my home. I provide daily home inspiration through DIY’s and design ideas for those that want to fall in love with their space. I believe creating a home that brings you joy can have a profound impact on your life. With a little inspiration and guidance anyone can create their dream space.

Sarah Ensell

My name is Sarah, and I run the account Our Instagram is a pink & fashion lovers paradise, we love to take pictures and videos to showcase products that we love. I personally love to feature myself on her page where we do twinning posts together. I am looking to branch outside of just the pet industry with our collaborations.

Sharifa Campbell

I am a beauty/fashion content creator. I really enjoy modelling jewellery and clothing pieces. I love styling outfits and showing them off by taking great quality pictures. I am also currently into skincare and trying to add that new chapter into my work. On my YouTube channel I share a mix of try on hauls as well as lifestyle videos.

Shirley Ye

I'm an outgoing 23-year-old who shares curated content that is aesthetically fitting to my bright and healthy branding, yet authentic in its portrayal and message. Love fashion, summer/nature, pink + anything girly, and beauty!

Shuba The Siberian

Shuba the Siberian is a Silver Classic Siberian young cat with a love for fish, playtime and chin rubs. She is based in Toronto, Canada. We post funny cat-parent-related content, cat lifestyle content, beautiful cat photography and cat facts. Our audience is almost 80% female, US & Canada based. We offer Tiktok videos and Instagram posts/Stories/Reels utilizing your brand or product into the concept. We often take a humour approach to our content, and we’re always experimenting with new trends.

Siddhanth Gupta

I'm Siddhanth and I'm based out of Toronto. I am doing an MBA in Marketing currently and also working part-time with a major CPG firm. I started my Instagram blog in 2016, as a creative outlet to express my love for food, eating and cooking. Since then I have expanded my reach among the millennials and GenZ audience in Canada and India. I typically create content around food and lifestyle, in the form of static posts, reels and stories. I do have a WordPress blog and some other presence on some other channels as well. I have collaborated with 100+ brands over these years for digital marketing campaigns.

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