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I'm Alexia and I share my passion for books ans reading through my Instagram page. I post almost everyday and my posts are always bilingual (French & English). As I post in both languages, my audience is very wide from all over the world. My feed is focused about cozy and soft vibes. My posts are a mix between book reviews, bookish things and lifestyle.

Andrea Koedchanthuek

I used to started my own blog since 2012, used to post all about my lifestyle and traveling life.As Covid-19 started, I started to do more about Outfit Content on my instagram and became an influencer :) My content is about outfits and lifestyle


Fashion, Travel, Parisian aesthetics


Account about tv show and movies

Max Penda

Max is an entertainment content creator.On tiktok, he sings, lip syncs on trending videos and occasionally showcases his acting skills. He equally gives his opinion on products and brings his followers on the journey of his life.On instagram, I focus on outfit content creation and explore Paris in his stories.

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